Tuesday, 6 March 2012


should be like a term for a style photography
TAKEN BY: Emma Arvida Bystrom
model(if you can call her that): me
was a bit iffy about uploading this pic...but then again it seemed to fit, i mean all pics of me lately tends to take place in my bed(oh god that sounded baaaaad)


runawayfromhome said...

beautiful picture!
i don't think the frame does it any favour though.

Rich Hippie said...

no argument from me there, i just figured id keep it the way she sent it cuz i figured it would be rude if a edited it...i don't know just me attempting to be polite :P

MishSmash said...

this is definitely one of those very random but very awesome things.

miriam said...

great picture beautiful LADY :)