Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Just as my Alexander Wang Eugen bags chain straps breaks...another Wang comes in its place.
This dress is AH-Mazing and i cant get over the fact that i am lucky enough to have it in my possession.
From the fall 09 collection this dress it really stood out! once the modeled turned around and exposed a cut out back.
Cut out backs are like cleavage to me hahaha. Its defiantly won the title of "frekum dress" in my closet.
-frekum dress, a dress that WILL get you a man, and knock ALL competition out. It will get you free drinks and major ego. (Comes with lifetime gurantee)
A reader asked where she could get buffalo towers like mine here in Sweden and i must say if you insist on buying in store your best shot is sko uno.
Only downfall is that their majorly overpriced(like thousands of kroner) so id advice on keeping an eye out on ebay. Just search for buffalo towers(its worth it TRUST me).
However if you like the regular once which you also can find at sko uno, they go for about 700-900 kroner.


Anonymous said...

love the dress

miriam said...


CVNT said...
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CVNT said...

Dude. That dress is next fucking level. So are you.
I'm digging your shit something chronic!

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