Saturday, 14 April 2012

To (attempt to) do list

  • Clean up thesis into a nice clear COHERENT document
  • prepare for job interview on Tuesday
  • please get the job!!!!
  • new knee socks and suspenders
  • make a decision to quite blogging or not

its not fun, its a time consumer i try to avoid. its not fair to anyone who actually reads it and keeps getti
ng let down.

Maybe what I need is like a months hiatus or something.... i don't know but for how long can I keep this up ?

oh and yes my bitter attempt on love left a sour taste in my don't ever bother me again

yours sincerely

Lady Vivian

P.S am I the only one having a hard time finding colourful cloths this season?
(Yes i made this image lol)
Seriously I can't shop in a regular freaking store anymore without feeling that i must succum to the trends that is pastel ecstasy...
Maybe if it wasn't so know had an ugly look yet pretty colors?

Pretty ugly maybe? Hmm might try to put together a look that could sum that ideal up.
Okay. Hiatus. Now. BYE. For like maybe now :P

washed my (green) hair today, feel all sexy and shit, my nails are green though


MishSmash said...

ok 1. good luck for your interview XD

2. i love your blog, i think it's awesome but if you're not happy doing it then yknow, do what's best. is a cold bitch.

yemi said...

i love this blog, weirdly the reason i dont follow is cuz i love typing this into the url and getting to see a couple of new posts at a time! i said weird...

good luck with the job!

Anette said...

cool blog!

Anja said...

hey! kolla, det är du! :)

Rich Hippie said...

hahaha nej gud va skammigt :P

faehe said...

aa, lovely gif

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