Thursday, 26 April 2012

could i have your attention please

change is about to come, change is upon us, but for now could i just say i updated STOLEN SUITCASE(where i sell shit i don't seem to wear anymore and hope you do) and would like totally appreciate it, if you bought something lol. No but seriously, buy something(prices are negotiable). 
Anywho more interesting things to some my lack lustre life


Anonymous said...

Hey! i wanted to ask you what exactly are you studying in sweden cause i am considering coming over there too so i wanted to know if you had good references..

Rich Hippie said...

Im currently finishing my Masters in European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University.

Its a good school but stockholm isn't much of a uni city like Uppsala Goterborg and like Lund ehm... yeah if theres something more specific your interested/worried about you can always ask

miriam said...

hi lady <3 i'm so sorry that i didn't call you, i couldn't find my phone.. and i didn't go to the show, i stayed home and watched movies and ate apple pie.. i didn't feel well


miriam said...
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