Tuesday, 8 May 2012

(SALE) Buffalo Records - SOLD

Selling my extra pair of Buffalo's because greed becomes me....that and well I really want to go to London this July to see Soundgarden perform so I need to cash....(I hate not having a job)
So these babies are worn, but in rather stellar condition. There actually 15cm tall so there a heck allot intimidating than my black once (which are 10cm)
Size 38...
Asking price starts at 1400 Swedish kroner, so either you take em or beat em :). Oh i can ship to other countries so you figure out the equivalent of that and let me no.
Email me at studscoollady@hotmail.com or drop a comment.
........Please be quick, because i think I'm falling in love with them and might  end up wanting to keep them hahaha


Sofia Sars said...

ps. love those little jack bottles ;)

Sofia Sars said...

oh thank you! though i dont think thats a really good pic hahah, and ill definately get back to you about the buffalos, they're soooo baaad.... (am currently on a shopping prohibition, but rules are for breaking right?)
AND I KNOW, god i think been a son is like my new fav nirvana track. such an awesome record incesticide is btw... <3

CVNT said...

I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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