Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Junkie? No GRUNGIE!!!

shy away.....runaway, won't you be better of without me
This is like my favourite everything. Jacket, coat, throw over, blanky, cloak...whatever you want to call it.
Its got that nice 80s wall street bum look going (all its missing is a trusted bowler hat...hahah remember how id always wear one but it sadly got run over on a night out :P)

It was a major bargain, cost me like 30kr/3pounds/3euro!!! I say major because i wouldn't have a problem paying ten times that price.

Im not fond of folk that go "grunge" or whatever with hair thats been styled to look unkept and make up done to look 4 days old. Thats why I'm proud to say I haven't washed my hair in 2 weeks now nor combed it (this isn't by choice) and don't wear make up when the rest if you looks like shit its so contradictory to whatever your trying to express....my tip if you don't look good natural (which is a good reason to stop wearing make up and taking care of your skin) wear big sunglasses!!!
My eyes have gotten really sensitive so even at work you'll find me sitting behind a table with my sunglasses on lol.

now before i resume to my nothingness I shall leave you with some wise words
"You have to allow yourself to fail in order to achieve something"

Ive had a big problem with pretty much everything in my life when it comes to failing. Friends relationships, jobs, studies, i mean you name any aspect of everyday life!!! I literarily had to sit and contemplate the risks in every action I make. Making actions like make dinner, step outside of your room, talk to that person, be honest and don't be afraid of the truth kinda shit hard.
Which obviously resulted in my overlay secluded personality.

BUT, then my oh-so-wise friend asked me "whats the biggest failure you've made in life?"....and i was rather shocked by my answer. Nothing. Ive never really failed at anything. Maybe not had things gone my way but it always turns out the way i wanted it to be, the way it should have been.
So I guess, if theres any reader out there who is like me that is overlay harsh and negative to the point that it can be self distructiv, ask yourself what the worse thing thats happened in your life is and see if your life is as over dramatised as you'd liked to believe it to be.

...now i might be saying this now, when I'm in a rather happy stage, but lets see if i still agree with my friend when the shit hits the fan again.

Vintage thing, Yaya nom le plume Velvet dress, vintage boots, H&M mens hat, Topman skull crucifix(now i love that neckless so much i still have it on me even when i don't wear it) Topshop leather backpack.


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