Saturday, 14 March 2009

So sorry for being so absent, but like a said before I really have to get back into the zone of studying (I cannot remember the last time I went out!!) So I guess it’s back to my good old ways of focusing my life on shopping, fashion, Reading books on philosophy, falling asleep at 5:am with Kurt Screaming in one ear a calm heartbeat in the other, and ofcours absolutely no-social contact with the external world. I would'nt call myself a loner; I’d just say I prefer my own company over others.

My only exception would probably my amazing legal buddies at Uni (hahaha I might be sucking up to you guys, knowing that a few of you actually waste valuable time reading my blog.
So today I’ve devoted this post to a quick summary of what I’ve been coveting all week. Other than phone calls from random guys I’ve given my number to, there is the Amazing Alexander Wang Dress that’s been Worn by pretty much everyone equally as amazing.
I’ve found Turquoise my fave colour this season and have already purchased a turquoise Bandage skirt from Topshop which I’ll try to get around showing you guys.
Then of course there is The Sartorialist. I’m so ashamed for not spending time following Fashion week!! I mean the only shows I’ve viewed are Balmain Balenciaga, Chanel and some other random person and I kind of want to punish myself for this but you’re just so overwhelmed by the amazing artistry you just want to do the Art justice by devoting more than 5 minutes of your time clicking through a collection. So during Easter ill be displaying my favourite shows+commentary as I’ve yet to come across a blog that looks at fashion from a commercial point of view.

Here are a few of my fave Sartorialist Shots:

1. Now this first I find inspiring on the grounds the masculinity the pieces are created on and the comfortability her feminine grace brings to it. I also love the colour pallet; Navy blue has always been a favourite colour in my closet.
2. Well the look and the individual carrying speaks for itself don’t you agree? Emanuelle or how you spell her name, don’t really care, has been a constant inspiration for that uptight minimalist look. She seems to carry basic pieces with one distinctive (most of the time) well tailored coats paired up with statement heels. If I were to set a fashion tip into stone it that would be the one, you can never go wrong with this look.
3. This season its all about graphical legs(which I believe is heavily sparked by Gossip Girl) as showcased in Rodarte, Givenchy and McQueen. As pictured here the young Lady’s wearing a pair of amazing Alexander McQueen leggings and although I’de prefer the look highlight of neon colour somewhere (although I’m not the one to lecture for not wearing enough colour) I love the various patterns and textures, which evidently is the trick to carrying darker shades into an Avant-Garde setting of style.
4. A Last season’s favourite, Leather and fur and I must say if you really want to make a statement this summer, where just this out and watch as the heads turn.
5. Now I herd about this boyfriend jeans trend, that was later on picked up by Kate Holmes who then rolled her pants up (seems practical if there to long i guess?) and tadda, it made its way into fashion magazines....for some fucked up reason. I personally felt the look was well not that attractive to the extent of repetition, BUT, the trick of becoming a well renowned fashionista is to look at current trends, take what you like and INCORPORATE it into your current style. Don’t just copy and paste looks to yourself cuz you will just come across as trendy and personally....that’s not a good thing to be called. So this clever Lady actually did something clever and added a little touch of her own with an exposed textured leg, Bravo! (this fall I plan on doing the same but exposed through torn jeans, bringing that grunge look Kurt kicked off with stripped long-jons)
6. I nice basic look picked up with statement heels, see how easy it is to look chic?
7. Well sorry but the picture speaks for itself, she’s wearing Balmian for fuck sake of course she’s going to look great!
8. Not only is it the shot of colour that uplifted this basic look, but is the texture and pattern of the leggings as well. I’ve been doing this with my tie-dye leggings all month and yeah got three fashion photogs take my I guess I mist be doing something right
Now of course I don’t really give a crap (sorry about my language) about the commentary that Balmian didn’t diversify into no sources of inspiration for his latest collection. But I say stick with what you good at and that is ROCK N ROLL GLAM. (That skirt was what i had in mind while studding my Leather skirt, I Just Wished I had the time to finish it, or the will to do so. I love starting projects...but never ending them.

And whats a Rich hippie post without a guest appearance from the Cobra Chic Girls. I must Admit im looking to these girl more often for fashion inspiration than i am from Vogue Italy....whats become of me!!!
Alright enough of this I’ll see you guys later!

Blazer - Topshop
Top - Iron Maiden The Tropper tee
Leggings - American appereal
Heels - Aldo


Fashion Garden said...

wow love those leggings !!

miranda__ said...

digging the leggings and the blazer a lotttttt (so much so in fact that I ordered one yesterday from topshop myself - and am now completely broke)

Suparna said...

Very stylish...

Mare P said...

i'm luving your blog!! insane style! can't wait to see more!

ivy said...

although i cant see the whole view of your outfit..i can tell that y look great here! i especially lurve those heels and those tie-dye leggings :)

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