Sunday, 1 March 2009

Suprised by the number of Groupies following my blog (a suttle 27) i dont really know what their is to follow other than my random post but im working on making it worth it. This friday its fashion weekend and hopefully ill be aloud to take loads of pictures for you. While im in London i plan on going crazy in Topshops Flagship store and pretty much buy everything, so yeah you wont imagine how exited i am.
I've also decided what im going to wear and was hoping on geting your opinion on it. I felt its more me rather than a trendy look that in right now. My first choice was to go more wang and wear my truqoise Bandage skirt matched witha slouchy White vest and my gray blazer, all from topshop, however I decided ide like to wear something more original, more me, more Hippie Grunge in other words.
So Tell me Yeah or Nay?
Im just trying on this sequin Blazer from Zara but ill be wearing my outfit with a Black Boyfriend blazer instead.

Top - rag and freaks store (recognised it from knightcat)
Leggings - American Appereal
Bag - Topshop
Heels - Aldo Although ill be wearing my new Voddo heels from Topshop.

I'll prpbably match the look with my bowler Hat and lennon Glasses.
Alright love you guys!


J'Adore Fashion said...

cute leggings!!

Anonymous said...

would like to see you more colour though other than just black...i reckon creams, yellows and greens would look better...cos even though u do have a great fashion sese, nobody will notice after a while because of the same colours day in and out...

modern antoinette said...

Amazing are seriously stylish


Dana said...

Wooow I loved the leggins!

Anonymous said...


ROCKD said...

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