Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Basically Insane

Wearing: Grey Top and Denim pants -Topshop + Office Wedges.
Today has very much been both Good and REAL Bad its kind of hard to tell when once emotions change. I stuck with basics today, which is usually the way to go when you have a long day ahead and if you plan on comfort, insane heels arent really the way to go, so i ended up leaving the house.....Basically insane.
Im working on a graphic Novel now (yet a another project I bet i wont finish) but this once a more therapeutic project like my Photography so hopefully ill stick.
Based On my Alter-Ego it's basically going to read as a journal of my world, through her perspective, which is a much Darker(er) more supernatural version.

Before I leave I just wanted to say that I've been invited to cool event in London which is kind of a industry party for all the fashion folks/Swishsing party.
I've been told that im allowed bring 9 plus ones and since most of my friends are boys...I figured Ive give my readers the chance to tag along
Its on the 9 December and it's going to be held at PUNK and is bein4 sponsered by Tampax pearl.
All I want is a reason to why you should come and "8" lucky dudes can come!
You must be over 18 and well be in the UK at the time!
Closes this Friday


The hello fox said...

Apart from enjoying the photos of your clothes and style I am really loving your other photos at the moment. The beach shots are really beautiful, what do you take your photos with? Digital? There is something really atmospheric about them that really reflects your style.
Good luck with the graphic novel, I always start projects and never finish them but I figure anything inspiring and creative is always good, even if its short lived

Anja said...

fan, jag skulle lätt följa med... men stuck here in Sweden :S

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

wish i could come for a fun night out in london

Adenike said...

I'd love to come...reason being,I love fashion, karl lagerfeld i think our alter egos are a perfect match, im crazy, and do have a few weird moments I know you're and iPhone/Topshop girl and im a BB/Zara girl I think we'd get on quite well.:P opposites attract right? lol.

Adenike said...
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Iole said...

loving the rings!

www.weartogetit.com.au said...

supa jealous of your jewelry

Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

nice and different outfit pics. Love your wedged


did you draw that? i love it as much as i love your wedges!


Anonymous said...

flawless as always darling
thanks for sharing

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