Sunday, 15 November 2009

So I got a request from a reader to give tips and looks as to how to mask a neck thats been recently injured.
The time spent figuring it out was pretty cool. I was actually at a gig when I stopped to check my mail (im obssesed with emails and sending them right now) and just looking around the venue I realized how the beauty of one neck has been so understated. I mean its laways been the waist or the shoulders or our feet thats been the area of trend.....
So dear reader, dont hide your neck celebrate it!!

So I mean besides wearing a scarf thier are other more fashionable ways of "embrassing" that neck....
I mean there are high collered pollar necks, the blouses and shirts now with long strings which you could tie a bow around your neck with, cowell necks and well jewelry!

The first look illustrates a sophisticated look with the high coller of a shirt, but shows new ways of keeping it feminine
The second look illustrates a more comfortable laid back rebelious look with a cashmered jumpoer with an already swen in wrapp
Third look illustrated how simply chic a graphic cowel neck jumper can be
and lastly this might be the easiset one to pull out of your closet as the look is more focused on wrapping thtat scarf in a certain way and holding it together with sparkley jewelry.

To take things a step further as to just simply accesoring your neck, go for this seasons popular chocker necklesses!!


Christina said...

those are all such cute looks! love your blog!!


omg! i so love the padlock necklace!

Ashley said...

Omg I love all the pieces you selected! Amazing!

Lu said...

Great ideas! Making me wish it was winter over here now.