Thursday, 24 June 2010

note: yes the looks are ment for summer wear

im off to Hard Rock Calling tomorrow to see my favourite band in the whole-wide-world perform
The only negative thing is that its in London(which i hate) and its going to be 26 degrees.
Now I never dress according to weather nor occasions. There's no such thing as formal and casual in my vocabulary and i can assure you that I wore more summer appropriate outfits in febuary. It's always around then after Spring/Summer collections have been showcased that my urge not to to return to those planes of insperation that the designers channelled, which is often hot unicorns and rainbow filled places to wear insanlly skimpy outfits.
With exception to my latest outfit post...... which was worth documenting since my closet is seeing less of grey and white and a whole lotta black...that i sometimes reach into my candy box(ive got box filled with colourful clothes) and try somethng on.
so, my problem is everything i want to wear involves far to many layers(which is to hot) and are completly black(which attracts heat...).....

im off to bed and might just pull a re-run off an old outfit as ive got to get up early and dont fancy passing out tommorrow.
If your at the concert and you see me in my longstocking outfit......zzzzz


Laura said...

Those sweater shorts are killin me.

NOIR_XXX said...


JayBranam said...

I'm In love with all of your choices:) but I must say those knit shorts are to die for

Visual by Eveline L. said...

who made that first necklace? it's ridiculously amazing!