Wednesday, 30 June 2010

wearing: that was easy?

funny how one can end up looking like a punk with items baught at the most obnoxiouslly trendy store ever, but i cant help it......(tops shredded and spiked by me)
so last Friday Pearl Jam was amazing!!!!
Like heaven had fallen to our plane of existence and granted use two and a half hours of pure uncondenced angelic music. I could go on about that night for ages so im going to keep this short and say it was the best time of my life (next will be when i marry Jared Leto...) and oh!!! I also caught the drummers drumstick from the HIVES!!!
okay so thanks for all the birthday wishes, no i didnt bake a cake like that as i have a tradition of baking my own chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberry and almonds decorated all over....yum!!!!!

So my mess of a hair is driving me crazy and i constantly avoid my reflection. IM THE MOST INPATIENT person you'll ever meet and growing out my hair is a pain. Im trying to avoid heat on my hair this entire summer....hahaha wish me luck on getting back my locks!!!!
NOW back to writting my graphic novel.


Céline KG. said...

Haaaa, this top is stunnig :) Haaa, I'm bored of my hair too...Stupid african haiiiirrrrrr. Dunno what i'm gonna do with... Cut them, or not...Ugh.

Kisses, Céline

Anja said...

haha coolt med The Hives trummpinne!
ditt hår ser skitbra ut!
snyggt med messy hair :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday beautiful! sorry i missed the day.. i love your top and am completely aggravated that every time i have tried to shred one, it takes me an hour to do like an inch.. do you have any pointers? yours turned out pretty GREAT!! <3


Anja said...

btw såg att Pearl Jam spelade en Joe Strummer låt på Hard Rock Calling... underbart! jag älskar Joe Strummer och The Clash!

Kirsten James Ferguson said...

LOVE IT! and i love your hair. I am trying to persuade my hair dresser to chop my locks off but she wont have it! ahh

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...



william said...

Growing back hair is always the biggest pain. Keeewl shoes.

Anonymous said...

honestly I LOVE UR LOOK, as usual..
the hair the shreds n spikes(great idea by the way) u loook soo rock n roll

Wardrobe Warrioress said...

Love how you added studs to this top. It makes it!

isis said...

i love your hair in these.

Anonymous said...

wheres the cobweb cardigan from?