Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Everybody has ACNE

Now, lately I've intentionally tried to avoid anything "Fashion"
Not cloths wise but more in the marketing sense that I'm no longer pulling Vogue or Elle magazines of the shelf to read, or necessarily keeping up to date with whats on
It's not some form of rebellion but started of as me simply being busy dealing with non fashion related subjects, then it sort of segwayed in me feeling pretty okay with the way I looked without any particular knowledge of whats in and whats not.
I shop allot so Ive been able to see a collations on pieces that seem to appear in most high street stores....
But there's one incredibly famous, innovative in the most understated way, brand out there that's so hard to nail when its comes to high street counterparts.
Like the scars that plagued us in youth, Acne was this single phenomenon that despite are effort surprised us with its look, but never seemed to disappoint us in the department of being one of the most memorable thing in our lives.
So enough of my psycho babble head over to Net-a-Porter for a pretty refreshingly interview from the man that made ACNE cool.

Acne Rita patent-leather biker jacket, Acne Wannabe silk and cotton-blend dress and Acne Sapphire Tripod Heels


Ara said...

I couldn't agree more, Acne has attitude.

Taylor said...

I love that sheer dress. Acne has great basics.