Friday, 7 January 2011

Will...oh will

Wearing: Gifted Camo Jacket, Urban Outfitters Re-newed Dress, Doc Martens and TOPSHOP Backpack
And what shoulder and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand and what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? What dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?


Jessie Rubin said...

aw really cute outfit (:

Jessie Rubin said...

aw really cute outfit (:

natural-belle said...

i love the way everytime i look at you i wanna watch re-runs of my so called life but replace the lead with a kick ass black girl! instead of clare danes....i also dreamed that you cut off your hair but just left to bunches on either side! it rocked in my dream we also ate cola was random x

Rich Hippie said...

hahahaha I totally luv that dream dude!!!
I illustrated a character for my graphic novel with hair like that But she had a huge fringe/bang to, I so would luv to do that with my hair.

sbot said...

Fun photos!!


Gina Ray said...

love the look

Amy T said...

very cute x

Gina said...

You're goddess!!!

x, Gina

Bhakti Omwoods said...

LOVE your hair :)