Wednesday, 5 January 2011

get the look back

you know when you dont understand something and you look up the definition?
Well with this band you just get it, however foreign it might sound, you get...and i mean that initially is what music is all about.
Im not about to do some music review but I do have this tiny side project which I shouldnt mention because I have a tendency of bipolerising myself into excitement and then dropping things.
No this post is me just...rambling
I've been looking at tickets and am contemplating going to see Kings of Leon.
I remember my first memory of this band and that was when I was in collage(high school) and flicking forwards and backwards through the music channels on TV when all of a sudden

-"dude looks like OZZY...hmm they must be some knew Metal band looking to bring back Sabbath?"(i like to talk to myself, I always get me)

To my disappointment of course, the dude opens his mouth and lets out this southern twang and I my reaction was
Now I didnt change I dont know why but I didnt and at the end of it, I got it.
Can you guys guess which video this was?

My favourite song(s) are probably Knocked Up, Four Kicks and Crawl


Nia said...

yup i can!! (yelping like an annoying high school brown noser) - THE BUCKET. That was the first video/song I heard/saw, and it totally turned me off them! But then Because of The Times came out and then...I finally got all their older albums....but the Bucket STILL to this day is the only song of theirs I skip.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mollys chambers rocks!

Rich Hippie said...

hahahaha I luv Charmer cuz i always reach for a strepsil and

Molly's Chamber is the kind of song that comes on in like those clishe movies when the girl is pransing around in her bedroom with nothing but a tank top and girly underwear, full of joy and throwing her cloths around because some guy just made her life mean something...

Oh and I like the bucket hahaah its an awesome song+video

FFFUUUU said...

On call?
Rahhhh I love Kings of Leon, but I hate it that that all of the concerts they give in Europe are in stadium, which is to much mass for my liking. Plus it's so expensive, I'm just hoping they come by some festivals in the summer.
It's indeed a shame they don't look as awesome anymore.

Juliet said...

I love your header!

juliet xxx

Rich Hippie said...

re FFFUUUU: aw man dude come on the tickets im looking at are for hyde park so thats lke outside during the summer.... it going to be EPIC!!!
I saw Pearl Jam at Hyde Park so its a nice place. Tickets are 60pounds...cheapest ticket I've baught was to see korn so not to sure what cheap tickets are.
There playing most of europe this year(one festival here, think its isle of something and peace and love in sweden)
but i do agree theyve gotten a bit to big for there own good.
Oh and On Call is correct haha