Tuesday, 26 May 2009

2hours 59 minutes left till my shittty accounting and finance exam...yeah thats right I SAID ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE. Now if i remember correctly im trying to get a freaking Law degree and i do not recall the requirement to be able to type in a mindless amount of numbers into a brick. I loved maths...until i knew i wasent that good at it....at least not under pressure.

I should probably go study but frankly do not care at this point.
Oh and thanks for the comments lately I didnt think my groupies would actually take those words lately, but now that I know that you guys find shit like that interesting I'll share some more (practically have entire notebooks filled with weird taughts, some disturbing more than inspiring...).
Oh and Before i go, I've noticed that I've been channeling the 90's allot! I mean yeah i was born back then but i never expected to start putting together outfits the way my mom would when i was younger.
So many miss-matched textures and patterns...its kinda insane!
Oh and I've started to watch my so called life again, im so lost in mine i just dive straight into hers, have so much in common and say the same kinda stupid shit that...I guess, you dont really realize how meaningful your life is until its been reflected back at you.

Denim shirt(that feels so smooth its like suede) - Zara
Floral Playsuite -Topshop
Stripped cropped Top - Topshop
Belt - Stolen of my dad(it annoys the living shit out of him)
Braided Bracelet - H&M Men, and Studded Bracelet - RagFreaks
Wedges - Office
Bag - Vintage something
Sunnies - Vintage Ralph Lauren


shebeen said...

the 90's rock! :)

|ME said...

That floral playsuit is so cute...I wish topshop could open a store in Norway!!!!!


J'Adore Fashion said...

love the floral playsuit!! goodluck with the accounting/ finance:)

Iole said...

I was going to buy it too but then I changed my mind at the end

Ms. Butterfly said...


Martha said...

love the shorts!

cma said...

loving the floral..great juxtapose to the rest of the outfit


Valeria Lovo said...

the floral playsuit = to die for
such effortless style


ivy said...

hey there, love ur blog and all of outfitsss :)

can we exchange links, darling? i would be so proud to have u in my links :) thanx a bunch!


pistolwhipped said...

the floral playsuit is super cute love the outfit you have put together. loving your blog and all the inspiring pics xxx

Dana said...

Good luck with your exams. Your outfit is great!

Lara Natascha said...

perfect! your blog is amazing.
exchange links?

T said...

Great outfit, im a big fan of the mismatched textures and patterns. Cool blog too. Check me out.

xs said...

i'm a fan of mismatched prints. you pulled it off great!

Young Damsel said...

amen to those belted floral shorts<33


Roxane said...

Nice outfit with floral top