Monday, 25 May 2009

Pleas F-ing Work

So trying out the whole Email a post to your blog since blogspot is simply shutting me out as much as it can.
Found my dream apartment, but my dads given me the ultimatum to get a job before he lets me sign anything(being non reliant on your parents sucks, like its not enough that i waste my time being brainwashed in classrooms....)
I love to study dont get me wrong, but i love to study on my own terms, exploring theories and then accumulating my own taughts and not become some mindless robot that repeats everything.
I've decided that im going to work on getting a Phd, hahah real funny i can hear a couple of laughs, but I've pitched my idea for a study and it sounds god darn promising so, Im going to do it!
I would share with you what im talking about, but, its kinda top secret stuff and dont want to get my idea stolen, ill will however tell you that its got to do with Epistemology, Psychology.
Wish me luck im of to my bed for some mindless daydreaming (oh shit i have an exam tom morrow!)

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Champagne said...

Lol, I see your logic. I'm the total opposite. I can't stand studying. Most of the time I don't need to, but still, it cuts into my do nothing time, lol.