Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Have had allot of studying to do and have pratically become a F-ing insomniac. To makes thing better (worse) i have fallen ill so even though i might be on edge 24 hours a day im not doing much, than watch the same episode of gossip girl over and over again, while reading the comic book infinite crisis, which may i add, is amazing!!!

Now earlier this morning around five when i finally got to sleep, two hours later the fucking fire alarm goes off and im back to no sleep and more stress.

...oh and may i add that my weekend was a disaster...(it actually topped the last one?) and im never going out again!!! or okay Friday's a house party...and on the 30th theres another party...but after that...or no then ill be heading to Nottingham later and apparently thers some party going on....okay after that i promise...excluding my birthday which would be following shortly after that....I AM NOT GOING OUT.

Better stop now before i end up like Lindsay Lohan....

Flannel shirt - Marine something
Leather Jacket - Zara
Top - Topshop
Leggings - Maerican Appereal
Wedges - Office
Bag -Funky Buddha and bracelet from Ragfreaks

First time I've worn an outfit that's not entirely dominated by Topshop....(although i just went shopping there so im just tipping the scale of my closet as we speak)
P.S as much as a bitch and moan, im pretty happy so pleas no worrying comments pleas.....


Ms. Butterfly said...

Yeah of course you are happy with those fabulous shoes on your feet, and them leggings are superior. After your 100th party you will be content to stay home and do nothing I am sure. But Gossip girl? Damn I am old... :+(

Iole said...

love it. this tye and die is amazing!

Hanna Rosengren said...


Martha said...

love the leggings

Ara said...

You rocked that outfit!

shebeen said...


shebeen said...

fantastisk kommentar! hade nästan gett upp hoppet lite om min musikblogg, men nu känner jag min triggad igen :)


Young Damsel said...

the shoes + tie dye leggins = sex

mmm, i'd take the risk of partying all day every day, and maybe even hope i turn out like lindsay...well minus rehab, hehe.

and just so you know, you have THE most inspirational sidebar pictures in the blogging world.<33


Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

goddamn your outfits are freakin hot..i would totally love to raid your wardrobe!


NADINE said...

love it all!!!!
you have great style!!! love your blog!

eighteenkaratgold said...

nice grunge like style

Champagne said...

You are awesome. Love your outfit. I wish I could go to Topshop as much as you do, the store is divine.

Dana said...

Great outfit!

I hope you get better soon :)

Soman said...

Everytime i visit your blog stupid nirvana plays! Makes my ears bleed a little..
Anyway. You look gorgeous as usual hun!