Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fall Inspiration

Knits, rips, docs and knee socks
.....fashions doing what mans been doing for a while now.....(dwell on the past)


amaturecouture said...


awesome blog, by the way. yummmmmm


wardrobewars said...

Still loving all these trends though even if it is dwelling a bit , guess people just love the classics too much to completely forget ! the above look is gorgeous , can;t wait to get in to fall clothes !


Fifi and Niamh ( the wardrobewars girls )

hope you stop by some time and check our blog out would love your opinions and follow if you like.

Visual by Eveline L. said...

uhh I like it :) but wasn't the distressed fabrics, biker boots, leather ect kind of trend supposed to be over? wasn't the chic and simple (think celine and chloe) kinda thing supposed to take over?
and v mag is usually rather commercial than not, isn't it?
but then again you don't use agyness deyn (especially with her new hair...and a painted face) for the most commercial of editorials, do you

Taryn said...

ugh Im so ready for the fall. I have been designing my own looks for the fall. Not sure if Im going to have a distinct look though. Im a tad bit of everything but I know I will be rocking rips and knee socks every now and then as well

Violetta E. said...

cool blog!