Wednesday, 4 August 2010

stumbling into the bathroom for a cigarette while stuffing a Givenchy dress into an American Apparel bag

So apparently Courtney decided to open up a fashion blogg of her own.
This is her attempt to poke on her sense of style as the fashion industry has victimised her for so long as a "Paperbag Doll"
Now frankly her sense of style allot like her..... scitso. She's good days and bad but at the end of the day they still taking pictures of her so....?
I used to love Courtney until I learnt what a complete and utter bitch she is.
From the way she treats her fans, her relationship and uses people in the media glad I didn't waste a penny buying one of her records and she's dam lucky I wasted time downloading your music illegally bitch...
..........check out her blog here


LA said...

More inspo!
Thanks for sharing!


Champagne said...

I found her Behind the Music speical to be very interesting.

Though I have a problem with her blog, what's with taking the same picture and posting it more then once? And the poor picture quaility. You would think that she would want to have the perfect picture to post of herself.