Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Summit....

(Vanessa, still an inspiration... see how she wore that cropped knitted top over a long sleeved one... so going to work that look!)
So im trying my best to keep the shit on this blog... positive.
You know, not going into rants about how I hate everything and everyone, but, you know...lie about shit.
So today I had a marvellous day.......(lets end it there I cant lie, actually yes...... but you get what i mean)
What I should be wearing now:
Some fucked up Avant garde coat (im sorry I'll stop swearing now), This AMAZING dress from TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE (which im getting, fuck it I deserve it! My life sucks.... sorry swore again) and those amazing Ysl Studio wedges which I still havent found.
I've told my self that im not allowed to by any shoes...unless its the Chloe Docs in black (preferably the 8 whole version) or the Ysl Studio Wedges.... so if the girl from Stop it Right Now wants to sell them to me (which you wont and shouldn't but im still putting it out there) Im ready to burn some plastic!........now i told myself that I wouldn't ramble but here we are.
If any of you guys own and want to sell, or come across these shoes pleas email me and I will make sure your on the Guest list to heaven.....
Also on my little shopping list (because there always is one...rarely little)
A nice sheer polka dotted shirt, which i hope to wear with my high waisted leather pants....OH and paired with my bowler hat....and like with my doc martens...WITH AN OVERSIZED BLAZER!!!
mmmm...got a bit to exited there hahaha........(alright I promise you guys that I wont make a post this ever again...)
Oh and before I leave, here is what I honestly sound like when i sing......and to perk my fat self up....I just bought myself some tickets to go see korn this October (an incentive to not kill myself before then....alright im going to stop now, no more emo ranting, im fucking 20...fuck..shit.... sorry wasent ment to swear...)


amaturecouture said...

the shoes and that polka dot dress!!!! such great finds!!! also i found your post so amusing :) im definitely coming back again!! hahaaaa



Steffi said...
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Anonymous said...

iLike !

Anonymous said...

really kool :)

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

yes! i have that dress saved in my browser too!