Wednesday, 25 August 2010

its all about that statement piece

I know that this season it's all about the aviator coat.
A Biker coat with the cheer sheep trims having been premiered on the runways of Burberry and Acne, you can bet that every FazhionBot on the bloggerspehe is going to be sporting one and its going to be the high street newest successor since Balmania. It's going to be advertised to the masses threw glossy mags and it will sell out like crack at rehab. i going to get one?
I love the whole (aztec) native Indian prints and I curse the day that I REALIZED i wasent Native Indian. So at 5am when i laid my eyes on this cape at TOPSHOP's online site, I DIED.
The way it falls with that raw Rick Owens drape, the colour pallet and its versatility....this was a guaranteed must have(for me).
Capes from TOPSHOP


Evelyn said...

love the cape!!!!!!! xxx

the shirt to;)

vonnie said...

those boots are DIVINE!!

TERI REES WANG said... a Heartbeat.


marie said...

your blurb made me laugh -- "Rick Owens drape." he certainly does have a signature and I can't help but think of that infamous leather/knit jacket whenever I see a good drape.

that cape is amazing, by the way!

Amanda said...

I'v so stoked on all of the capes at the moment this topshop cape gives Lindsy Thornburg a run for her money! Awesome blog!!



loving those pick, that ro top was on my wishlist...