Saturday, 2 October 2010

Im bored but so are you...seeing as your reading my blog

My favourit hoodie from ALL SAINTS
Black girls and rain = NO FUCKING WAY hair will frizz and I generally cant stand the feeling of wet feet.....ugh

Oh and someone asked about the knitted shorts in the previous post? They arent from TOPSHOP but some Australian brand and Adelin, Rumi from FASHIONTOAST wore them before so check over their
and I remember a Q about what im going as for Halloween?
Last year i went as Starchild from KISS, this year maybe chuckie? Not sure hoping for something original


Lela said...

Love the creativity.
With you on the hair ;)

Lela London

Taryn said...

cool hoodie. I miss my holey fishnets :-/

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit, mainly because you pull it off so well! Also how do you maintain a curvy yet skinny figure!
Very jelous, do you hit the gym often? :)<3

Annushka said...

Wow, Black girls!!! very creativity)
I Love this Blog!!!)))

estroJen said...

Dope flicks! Very artsy, sexy, em.



affiliate marketing said...

Great pics - love the hoodie and fishnet combo!

Champagne said...

Rain sucks ass. It always happens when your not even seeing it coming.

Bird said...

Cool pics like the ripped tights!