Sunday, 17 October 2010

ooh the suspension

Facebook chat Convo about a house party
Me: do I have to dress slutty tonight
Friend: just wear whatever crazy stuff you usually put on
Me: so you wont mind me showing up in dungarees?
Friend: Why dont you wear one of your cute homeade T shirts and a skirt
(frown lines on my face)
Me: Oh YEAH!
....I obviously showed up wearing my dungarees(vintage), Cropped top(TOPSHOP) a single fishnet knee tight(which everyone kept asking if I lost the other one....NO!) and my Office wedges...oh and my dads old coat not pictured here


Céline K.G said...

omg, i love your dungarees...So amazing. You wear it perfectly...With this crop top Ah ) Love it :D

xoxo, Céline

Luc Jenson said...

I must say that you are rocking that outfit. I once went to a party wearing dungarees and they weren't very kind..But I love dressing up anyway. :)
Luc Jenson
Hippie Clothing

Julie said...

Love this look! Right up my alley!!


oh, this outfit is so cute! I like your hairstyle... made me wanan try something like this = ) thnx=)

Naughty-S said...

Dungarees and me have such a long relationship together. I'm wearing it since very long time and I'm still loving it :D I love the way you wear it, gorgeous!