Friday, 15 October 2010

im reserving my happy moods for a better place

Wearing: Topshop Croped ribbed Top, Topshop Botique Asymetrical Dress, H&M cycle shorts and Stella McCartney Wedges.

we couldn't explain magic so we created sci fi
we couldn't understand people so we created instant messenger
we'll never understand love so we created music
.......were so filthy, we pawned all of God's creations.
(yes i am in an extremely pissed off mood)


InnyVinny said...

I hope you feel better...and if you don't, I will help my taking those wedges. Not sure how that would help you, but it would make me feel not so much?

Ok, I'll keep hoping that you feel better.

P.S. Harley Quinn is going to be a SICK costume.

natural-belle said...

loving the look you r such a little weirdo!! ( in a good way!) xxxxxxxxxx

Elle said...

Your hair style and make up looks awesome :D

And those wedges are divine. Love it x

Taylor said...

Well, hopefully when you are in a bad mood, you can just look at those wedges and perk up. Because they are amazing. You have really great taste in everything.