Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Summit:The Killer in ME

Im stuck in bed with the most sickening fever...
Like when Im sick I literally have to be quarantined.
I get REAL sick, like I need to be in a sedated kind of state.
I cry at literally everything and I find it impossible to cry when im actually upset.
I was watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch...and cried.
I watched I love you man.....and Actually cried(im a pathetic ill person).
The look above I found at Revolving Clothing(?) and I just have to get it because its like the blanky equivalent of an outfit.
Im the kind of person that unless im ill....I never go to bed in my PJ's. Like im a true "just rolled out of bed" Girl. It's hard to believe but since I dont actually sleep, comfort isnt an issue and my moms literally pulled my covers off and found me sleeping in my leather pants on more than one occassion.

OH and how pissed of am I that the Chloe Docs I was going to get this month just happened to be way to small. Like seriously I have been fantasising about a billion outfits that I wuld be able to pull and now....FUCK!

......Moving on I need a new pair of heels, but Im not craving any other design at the moment.
However with what I have saved I could opt for the Dsquared Skeleton heel.
But I dont see myself getting to exited over them...
If you'd like a pair of Bright red high top Chloe Docs in a size 37 then email maja.margaretha@gmail.com

Talking about dead stuff this Pamela Love Cuff is Cuffing Killer!
But is way overpriced...
For who would rather splurge three grand on an insane pair of heels you can find a cheaper alternative of the cuff by Freedom from TOPSHOP.

Also I've finally picked what I want to go as this Halloween.
The jokers...IS Like an idol to me because I hate Batman(he's just a bitter trustfund brat with loads of gadgets and noone to kill...not a hero)
But Harley Quinn would literally be me if I ever where part of the DC Universe.
We both share that isturbed mentalitty on things
My little sister told me that oddly enough, the first picture reminded her of me....I think that was one of the sweetest thing she's ever said.
Im doing a major, punky very youthful twist on her because im so not going to be caught dead in a unitard.

Im currently reading(yepp I read) the secret History of the world, which seriously is a sick book on like secret societies and the occult practices...Love it, its a must read for those who would like to discover the mysteries of the world one day and the real origin of our history and cultures.

I guess thats it for now...


lover. said...

i want those shoes. badly. x

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

oh no! that's devastating. same thing that happened to me with my black Chloe docs. Too small.....