Thursday, 17 February 2011

12 months a year and still I fear tomorrow

I cant believe she's twelve.....
Gorgeous video made by Todd Cole and styled with Rodarte's SS11 collection.
As a designer, you know your good if your able to convince a devoted all black minimalistic chic, to start colour blocking and wearing prints.
Art, isnt really catered to the masses but true talent can be recognized by anyone.....and its safe to say that despite Rodartes peculiar fashion references, they managed to bring anyone out of their comfort zone and into there hidden place. This collection may not be the fountain of youth to some as it dosent exactly radiate anything other than a farmers housewife making dresses out of the same fabric she uses for her curtains.....also it kinds of gives you a creepy ideal suburban life vibe (a la Edward scissor hands) where everything obnoxiouslly matches with each other.
BUT it is a fountain of enlitment and they sure where clever enough to dress a 12 year old in cloths who's labels should read...
"size - (M)onapouse"


Holly said...

wow. i wish i wore rodarte when i was twelve. what a lucky gal! i can definitely see the art in their clothing here, but not exactly the wearability of each outfit shown (separate pieces for sure though)!

Anonymous said...

great post! shes just 12? wow!
lovely collection!


Shani Galarza said...

LOVE it all !!