Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I still fantasies about a hair do like this. My hairdressers has always been against the idea and have told me that I may aswell dip my hair in acid......."well if that what I've got to do what are we waiting for?" I replied.
I obviouslly didnt get the sarcasm.....

Right now Im on overdrive to make sure my hair dosnt crumble under the insane bleach and colour job I gave it last weekend.
You see I sorta did something stupid and bleached my hair with 40 volt/12% peroxide.
Id done it before to my ends and my hair seemed fine.
But now....and I realized this when reading the box again....that instead of the light brown copper look I taught Id picked.....it was more Mid BLOND copper gold.....(fuck)

My friend says its looks fine, I'll upload a better picture later on and let you guys be the judge of it.
I used Goldwell's proffesional hair dye.
(click here for the latest image of Katie's hair)


Taylor said...

I love her hair and I say go for it (once your hair heals from the bleach, of course).

Michunia said...

good luck lady