Thursday, 24 February 2011

3 days....

three days ive gone without internet and its been, SCARY!!!
I've got allot of blogging and work and TV shows to catch up on......
Ive been noticing allot of orange lately and particularly at Zara.
Here you can see a cool way that Senior editor Natalie Hartley from inStyle worked the trend(or so id like to believe).
You can read her blog here and get her pants at Zara as well as the infamous Calvin Klien dress worn by Kate Boswourth
Last image from afterDRK

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isis said...

I've always hated the color orange and refused to wear it. I'm slowly beginning not to hate it but still wont wear it. I'm leaning more toward bright coral colors though. Interesting how I didn't have anything in this hue family until this season.