Friday, 18 February 2011

Season essentials: Pre Summer 2011

Fashion is a pculier thing. Just when you've finally digested and foldered all the amazing(and theres a fare amount of) collections and are ready to face the daunting task of shopping the perfect Spring Summer-11 wardrobe.....Fashion Weeks back!!! New season, new designer, COMPLETELY NEW COLLECTION. Granted if your not an iT-girl or some sort of fashionista you CAN, skate by in last seasons GIVENCHY wedges and remain unclawed. Im not boycotting fashion week (please send me and invite) but I am avoiding the idea of following it. There are the few that I am ever so exited to see(PROENZA SCHOULER, ALEXANDER WANG, RODARTE, GIVENCHY AND GARETH PUGH) but im not to concerend with following next seasons(or this seasons) collections at the moment. It kinds of hurts my eyes and makes me impulse buy (trendy) items that never get worn Like dress codes I dont believe in seasons.......although I have been stuckin bed for the past four days with a raging fever.
Short of a miracle
-unknown(although I recomend vintage), Stolen Boyfriends Club, Topshop-

Endless nights

Might be a bit warm but and this seasons at major slits in them but at the moment i cant get over my black one. I really im obssesing over a white silky one this summer, but the look seems to only exist in bridal wear.
-Donna Karen New york(I believe its the bridal department at net a porter)-

Brown Banging it...
-TOPSHOP clutch, Alexander Wang, TOPSHOP Backpack-

It's ALWAYS in the small Print
-hhmm? and the second two are Balenciaga-

It's at the Top of that Leather

I hate the fact that The Row stole my idea on a white leather top. I love leather and I know that it might get a bit sweaty, but its summer and this is a definit must with my shorts or a or a matching sorry but since was being fashionable the same thing as being practical.
-First two are by Joseph(Deborah leather tank coms in Black and Yellow) and the last one by The Row-

Dressing on the side

-3.1 Phillip Lim Leather and silk-chiffon dress(2nd one), Chrisopher Kane-
to be continued...


Stacey Kay said...

Nice picks! I totally agree about fashion week, I'm just looking ahead to spring right now, haha.

Stacey Kay
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carling said...

love the silk-chiffon dress!:)

Anonymous said...

ooo i've featured the yellow joseph vest on my blog too!


The College Barbie said...

ahhhh those black knitted shorts! Must be mine!