Tuesday, 13 October 2009

10 random things about me.....

1. Blogging has now become something I do while fighting this insomnia
2. I only hug people when im drunk
3. I tend to live within extremes, so I can be the most colorful social butterfly(while wearing black) and can be so sociably awkward the reality of being surrounded by so many people would break me down into tears
4. Im either a scitso or manic depressive. All i know is thats there's two sides to me
5. My two favourite drinks chocolate soya shakes and tequila
6. usually when im not talking i fantasies about threesome's or my next trip to topshop
7. I can honestly say im never bored just lost in my taughts
8. I enjoy manipulating people
9. I'm extremely confident with myself which might suprise anyone who knows me, so pleas i do not need be reassured that things are going to be okay
10. hate expressing myself because everytime i do people seem to think that theres something wrong with me. I if i ever say something horrible im definetly aware of it and usually dont care,


josephine said...

we sound eerily similar

Eva Ana said...

sisters :)

spanky* said...

If you don't know about it already, you should TOTALLY sign up for www.weheartit.com it's uh-mazing.
Make sure to get the broswer widget thing to heart photos. i hearted one of yours!!! You can see it here! (hope that you dont' mind!)


it links back to your blog!!!