Monday, 12 October 2009

Need help? I know I do....

I'm real tired, yet I cant sleep. I'm to lazy to actually go to sleep if that makes any sense.....
I've been studying allot, reassuring myself that I'm not wasting time, but there's only so much I can read till I just end up looking at the different shades of black each letter doesn't seem to posses.
If you guys have a cure for Insomnia or at least a certain piece (new or old) of clothing that you want to start working around your closet but have no idea how to wear drop a comment with a description and more helpfully an actual pic (hint hint, be a Topshop piece) of that item and ill try squeezing out for looks for yeah. In times of depression investment pieces that are versatile enough to make its way through your closet is the way to go.

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hey its a good idea of u helping people !!i might aske for advices!!kiss
check out my blog and tell me wat u think!!
ps i always read ur blog but never left a comment well there u go!!