Friday, 9 October 2009

This Fall/Winter Essentials

So I think With the recession and all we should start shopping smarter. I've tried so hard to stay focused and out of stores but believe me if you had a Topshop at a 10 minute walk away from your place....YOU'D BE THERE TO!
But things are getting tight and before i corrupt my responsible nature I need to find a smarter way of handling my finances.
So here are 4 pieces I've found. I Figured if you already own the basics in your closet (you know your blazer, perfect jeans, perfect white tee etc) in Shades Black, Grey and White you could easily look fashion forward...or Parisian chic with a smart, edgy and versatile closet. I might do a closet post later just to show how easy it is to be simple and still look lux(but knowing my schedual might be a while!).

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