Friday, 9 October 2009

.....Our Dreams have no limits, Our Imagination holds no Law

This was a show that I think opened up allot of people eyes. Alexander McQueen is obviously trying to enter us into this world where Man and Nature have somehow found a way to become one. Times have come where we have to somewhat escape from this concrete jungle that man has created in order to get back to whats real, whats delicate and what was meant to be ours. I looked at this collection at not only the perspective of fashion but on life and the future of our world. Man is so caught up with trying to fulfill this Jetson fantasy and is missing the whole point of evolution. Slowly we adapt to our changes, we do not bring them about willingly. With global warming and all, where seeing clear signs that where moving to fast. Where ahead of time and where just bringing what should be a distant end closer than tomorrow.
I see things that I've always dreamed of, I see an alien invasion. A Beauty that once only existed in glossy Sci-Fi comics and " a galaxy far, far away."
The new shapes, the art of the prints the clash of the worlds of Nature and Man has proven to be a collaboration that one would believe that only God could make.

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Anonymous said...

i just wish people (outside our little fantasy world) could understand how these shoes work. huff post did an article about them saying: "is this what women have to wear now?" sarcastically, and they don't get how amazing this shoe is. the foot probably sits just like any normal platform, but the outside makes it seems as though the wearer is a full blown ballerina. it's ingenious and I LOVE IT!