Monday, 5 October 2009

Where da fuck are her outfit posts?

So if you havent already noticed there hasent been any outfit posts showing up and that's because I forgot (that one single item) to pack the cable that pulls all the shoots of my camera into the laptop, so until someone at home posts it over or just comes by and drop it off, the blogs going to have to go cold Turkey.
In the meantime if theirs anything else you'd like me to entertain you would place a request...until then, Fuck it!
Oh and PS (if that's how you use it), thanks for the groupies I honestly dont understand why you follow my blog but however I do appreciate it! Thanks!


Champagne said...

Sucks about leaving your cable at home. It happens to the best of use. I forgot my phone charger once when I went upstate New York for a class trip. And my ipod ran out of power, so I totally get you on that one.

I follow ya' because I find you and your words to entertaining and you are one of the very few blogs that I actually read. Most other blogs I view, I'm just checking out the pictures and that's it. But I like reading what you have to say, plus the picture are an added bonus.

Anonymous said...

darling, we follow because we love it
sorry you dont have a cord, good luck!

check out my blog @

Carlotta said...

gotta love the last shoes!!!

Anonymous said...