Monday, 12 October 2009

Im like obsessed with the word bedazzled! Keep using that word in my everyday vocabulary. I mean sometimes Id just turn around and go, "Oh my god he is sooo bedazzled!" and i know i sound ridiculous as i enunciate the word, but OMG its just an orgasmic slur on your tung when you say it......Bedazzled!
Anyway before I start screaming OH MY GOD I DIE like Rachel Zoe just wanted to bring your attention to this, oh so Bedazzled! Blazer from TOPSHOP.
I was holding it the other day and that thing is seriously heavy, and im so tiny id be hunching my back trying to keep it on! I wanted it so bad cuz I was imagining it with a Sheer black tee, Black leather pants and suede Ankle Boots. I also imagined pairing it up with a black velvet dress (which I so have to get its such a must have!) and Tie dye Doc martens......Ugh it would look so good!
But the price tag is ridicules and I didnt love it enough to burn some serious plastic that day.

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