Wednesday, 15 September 2010

act da fool

I remember when I used to behave like a "Black Girl". Now hold your horses and put down your pitch forks, because I don't believe in that type of labelling and in this day and age when where all finally treated as equals, it being colour, religion(or well not Tom Cruise and his band of brothers) and Sex. Still there remains that token element where a display of an ethnic group becomes some sort of of artistic geniuasity(no this word will not be found in a dictionary).
Now im not going to get into my typical black girl days cuz that would just be listing things down in a stereotypical manner and back then I just looked to fitting in rather than just being me....(im still black no matter how much certain people would like to disagree and am dam lucky to)

I mean to be honest I loved the film....but if it where a bunch of Caucasian girls would I still have loved it? and with the overall reception be as colourful. I loved the Prouenza Schouler collection so im not judging the cloths, there's just that annoying show pony vibe reeking of this video and I dont appreciate such an "old fashion" perception continuously being exploited.
And if you want to pull the originality card try something that hasent been done to death.
I mean why not put the same girls up in a more posh upper east side setting being pampered in their lavish penthouse.
I mean would that be so strange?

watch it here

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Anonymous said...

your intitled to find whatever you want to be genius... personally i find this film to be of poor taste... what does it say?... I dont find this film racist... i find it offensive. but then again the world is full of rich white people trying to be ironic and make a statement for duplicitous reasons... the film itself is not bad but what it pretends to be or rather what some people seem to get from it is far removed from what i see when i see this... everyone wants to clap hands when fashion recognises the poor black female... is this art, no its an ad, is this up lifting black women, quit the contrary!... people are just looking on the surface... look beyond that... what is the point of this film... have you been left with a better opinion of black women... no... it just reinforces the age old stereotype of black women... except they are wearing £2000 worth of high fashion... you may be living in suburbia but dont forget many black woman live in poverty... and society calls them hood trash... they didn't choose to be born in this world in such a place... with a lack of education and hope!...and no we are not all equal... we are still a long way from that... your in England right?... why dont you walk through hackney... live there for a few months and tell me if we are still equal!... sorry for the rant but people just need to stop kidding themselves!