Sunday, 12 September 2010

THIS IS A STICK UP everyone's done the whole whats in your bag post and mines honestly less glamorous ...
Usually there's about 5 different combs in my bags and a whole lot of bits and boobs but heres my CONDENSED version.
-iPhone 3G (this is my 6th iPhone because im simply accident prone)
-the worst Apple headphones ever (I've blown about a hundred of these and dont understand why I keep getting them)
-paper clips.....?
-a (head)beanie
-........Kyle Minogue Couture perfume(which I never use so why is it here?) that my dad got me. I usually wear sweat a la moi or Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger.
-two 50p coins (and people say im spoiled...) I dont own a purse
-curry bag, where I just bought a new memory card for my camera
-and my little sisters Apple insurance
Thats my bag.....boring


Adeline said...

(no problem,go ahead.there is not enough winona on the blogosphere) ;D

and yes,apple headphones suck.
mine broke after a month.but i can't afford to buy a new pair ;\
i'd stick to cheap ones.

FFFUUUU said...

Way more interesting then Chanel nailpolish/lipstick/eyeliner, Miu Miu shades, a very poetic book, a huge mofo expensive camera, Vogues, Moleskin notebook etc. or whatever a.k.a the usual.
I like it.