Friday, 3 September 2010

I need to get over my phobia of Dead-people-cloths...(vintage)

i love the whole "I'm living out of a suitcase look" where nothings particularly in fashion, nor those it need to be ironed. Just a bunch of pieces that were cherished by a generation before them...



That there is a viable view point.

Me, I find the cloths that have yet to be worn out on occasion, has had no life experience to date.

A dress that has had the chance to spin out on the dance floor at least once, has a better chance of showing me the same opportunity.

But, one worn day after day, has nothing left to offer but the same.

Old clothes, never worn, still with their hang tags attached are called "Dead Stock".

Boots!...I love to have my boots already broken in.

Olivia said...

I agree, and there's nothing like a rest vintage leather bag or boots to finish off a look...
I also find there is nothing as captivating as a great find that a vintage cocktail ring :)