Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Summit:LOVE

Agnesse's look on the cover of LOVE. I mean great styling, she really looks like that kind of girl and not just an obvious model styled to look that way.....
......Oh and before i forget, whats all this chatter about me ever having shaved my head? I mean really i found this so funny cuz my hair has never been shorter than 6cm....and i study LAW so im not to sure that would send off a nice impression whenever im on a placement.

.....still working on the graphic novel in a snail pace, but I love it and i hope you guys do once it comes out.

.....still dressing like an extra from the Craft. I never had a Wicca faze but I did have a write-poems-in-forms-of-spells faze when i was younger(i was so convinced that i had powers over the wind hahaha. Mainly because whenever I wanted it to stop it did and when i wanted it to did) but I've stopped that right around the time I turned 14.

14 was the year I got into fashion much more seriously and started reading monthly mags and following trends. I remember vividly what compelled (oh god more witch talk?) to do so.
I'd just changed schools(for like the billion time. Not enough to be new, but to have to introduce yourself as LADY VIVIAN!).
...but this was back at the school i attended before when i was in the first grade.

Anyway, my best friend was still going there so I came back. We where at the buss stop and she said
"lady every one has changed but you, your still much of the same, which can be kind of boring.."
(I know right this is my best friend!) although i didn't fully agree...I kind of felt that maybe it was time for another change. My best friend was referring to a much more maturer change(i was still into midriff tops, baggy jeans, roller blading, Sailor moon(i still have the figurines), Arm warmers, Fefe Dobson and Britney Spears)

I asked her what I could do and her advice was to get braces(because of my gap), get my ears pierced and start wearing hoop earrings and maybe some tight cloths.....(shocking right).
Of course I didn't listen but this was around the time of The simple life(TV show), and I always felt like me and my best friend were much like Paris and Nicole(trouble makers, once taller and waaay prettier the other one.... not so much. one being the bitch and the other the sweet heart)

So i looked to Nicole Richie for inspiration, which led to a fashion overload, same hair, same look, my mom even started calling me Nicole....but sadly an eating disorder as well...
I realized how popular Nicole got after that an arguably so did I by the end of junior high....but I never liked the attention(even if id get extremely depressed if know one else was around to keep my mind of my mind) so.....long story short, i said fuck it I'm doing whatever i want cuz however popular i got i was miserable so i never allow anyone to persuade me into doing something i never want to do.

and i obviouslly LOVE this dress....
you can buy this Halston Heritage here

.....or here's my new faves over at TOPSHOP

Faux Leather Shell Top, Maxi Slip Skirt, Knitted Sheer Maxi Cardigan, DM'S 14 Eye Let Lace Up Boots

NOTE: the key to wearing black is different lengths, fits and fabric
still amazed how TOPSHOP manages to house so many looks....I mean a girl walking down the street looking like that is never associated with the creme de la creme of TOPHOP


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your blog but I can't read anything you write because the grammar and spelling errors are almost overwhelming. Maybe read over what you write before you post. I would love to be able to understand what your talking about some of the time. I know theres some great stuff in there.
P.S. I think it would be fun if you posted one of your spell-like poems! : )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe you have just told the world you had an eating disorder. It's not something you announce freely. It's an illness which people find hard to be vocal about and instead you have just use it to make people feel sorry for your bad use of spelling.

Rich Hippie this is an all time low.

Really disappointing.

Anonymous said...

These are the posts we have all been missing! :D

Anonymous said...

What a pointless attention seeking post. All respect for this blog is slowly but surely going downhill.