Thursday, 9 September 2010

The main vocal point may be A Lee's(yeah I'm giving her a if I know her) bleached out hair, but mine was drawn to my unhealthy obsession with light girl and dark lips. This thankfully only held a beauty trend which involved the mystic of a wine stained lip rather than that of this generations Vampire craze(thank God there isn't a Twilight or true blood Make-up kit).
I never wear make-up and, I frankly don't know how to apply anything without pulling a face.
My mom and younger(although I'd like to refer to her as my older) sister cant start their day without drawing on there face. It might be a phobia, or most likely my issue with fake personalities and how people present themselves....inability to trust anyone etc.
I just like to see people for who they are without them having to put up a front...even if they don't mean anything by it.
However I've told myself to stop over analysing situations and people and am try! to sport a bold lip this fall.
So if your an experienced girl(or boy) thats got any suggestions on a nice long lasting, moisturising(!), long lasting lip stick in the dark red department leave a suggestion in the comment post.
(I bite my lips allot so it has to stick!)

.....something in style of this shade by Anna Sui


Starlet said...


Film noir by mac kind of redish brown!

Nikki G said...

Ysl Rouge Volupte in 12, its a deep plum really moisturising and stays if you blot first.