Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fall Love

I keep making list in order to gain some control and organisation in my life.
But as usual I find myself bending rules I unrealistically set for myself as they are rules better suited for the "me" I'd like to believe I am...
So there is of course my shopping list which despite my best efforts keep on growing.
So here is my best effort for a Fall essentials list...

1. The oversized shirt, preferably in some sheer silky fabric (good luck finding that combination)

2. I want a knee length White slip dress( a la Courtney Love circa '92) that I can wear with a cropped knitted jumper. I dont want to shed any cash on some fancy brand new lingerie (i mean it's not like a have a boyfriend) so I'll just look for a skanky secondhand one.

Although I wouldnt mind this black dress from Net a Porter...

3. Fishnet stockings. I would have never uttered these words a couple of months ago and I seriously believe its got something to do with the fish burgers I've been hording all summer but im craving a pair of fishnet knee socks.

4. A pair of these sweet babes would go great with my new fishnet knee socks. Although these may have to put at the bottom of the list because I've already purchased a pair of boots which I cannot wait to show you. Anyone who's read my blog could easily guess which once :)

5. I've realized that I have no over sized knitted jumpers...NONE! So im going to need a few of these.

OBS. If anyone has any idea where I could find a Black PVC dress like the one Alice Dellal's wearing do drop a comment here!

oh crap and i still need a velvet dress


olivia said...

did you get the chloe docs ?!

Adeline said... (or just type dangerous liaisons in imdb)

so many are already on my to buy list.
oversized sweater and bowler hat are first,then a bag(that wang is pretty awesome,but waaaaaaay out of my league),black maxi skirt.
well,mostly everything oversize and black.

and i'm tempted to save that nr 5 picture and make mom knit me one.

Rachel.Glable said...

Hahaha i can become your french teacher . It's little complicated ^^