Tuesday, 7 September 2010

and she had skin, smooth like velvet...

.....just saw this over at Fashiontoast.
It would probably look horrendous on my figure but throw an over sized knitted robe, messy bed head hair, a pair of Lennon glasses and your ready to go!
I dear you to buy one and email me a picture of you wearing this in public!


Fonzie Solano said...

I would buy one but i would look like a big fat black cat but at least i would feel nice and velvetie btw thanx's for the comment.

mara said...

omg that is so true. it is so hard to pull offf!! and is that velvet??!?! holy cow.

it is reallly really classy and and i love those ronald mcdonald boots for take out too!!! kidding.

kisses from the philippines xxx


Kirstie. said...

I am soo in love with this..velvet is the best fabric ever created. I want one right now. I dont care that I would look a deranged cat women this is perfection.


Rumi Neely said...

hahhahah i'm totally gonna do it! i think.