Saturday, 4 September 2010


....from tomorrow onwards comments will have to go through approvals.
I do appreciate negative feedback cuz things just gets better for my readers but when it goes beyond what you see and what you'd like to think you gets real personal.
I can see how comments come in my inbox dudes so if your some looser pretending to be multiple anonymous readers...I can tell. So keep your schitzo shit to yourself. Stop trying to school a Law student on Law because if you know anything about Human right and the article on freedom of speech you'd know that there's something called freedom of expression and I have the right to be who I am and I wont sell you anything short of that. I wont totally shut you out in the sense that it looks like things published are well received but I will not allow comments concerning things you couldn't possibly be aware of.

I appreciate the complaints that my writing is bad(and I mean bad I never took the time to read through my posts hahaha) and wont blame it on my Swedish being my motherthung............I just have this problem of sentences never being fully processed. My brain ignores certain words which i honestly believed i said or wrote down so ill work on that.
Oh and im a busy person so updates seriously cant be that regular....


mara said...

totally backing you up on this one :)

maja said...

ja, det är samma modell. enda skillnaden är att dom är röda. jag kan skicka bilder om du vill?

Rich Hippie said...

Ja gärna de, du vet vart mitt email är(här på sidan av bloggen) så det skulle va skysst om du skickade bilder då och hut mycket du skulle vilja sälja de för.

.....InStyle.... said...

nice blog...i love karl! like you... i hope to meet.....also....nice postkisskiss

Anonymous said...

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