Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I just creamed myself.....

look what decided to show up in cyberspace.
I mean seriously it's like spotting a Black Swan...I also love how the seller described the product as a "Blogger Must Have"......seriously dude?
Now I don't know if it where down to just good timing, but if it weren't for the fact that I already had a surprising purchase coming in this October(I still pee myself a bit whenever i think of it) I would have grabbed this pair on its remarkable buy it now price and force my feet into them.
....good things come in small sizes people.


ooothundathighrevo said...

love the tone and style. just wish it didn't cost more than my rent.

.....InStyle.... said...

nice shoes.....your style is amazing...kisskiss

Anonymous said...

i, too, creamed when i saw those choles. they go with everything i'm sure.

lovely blog. OBSESSED with the header.

sincerely, M