Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Back in Black

Just a week now and I'm moving down to my apartment! So exited to be a 2minute walk away from the beach and 8 minutes from all the clubs!
Unfortunatently i dont have much to talk about so if you guys want to see hear and seek advice about anything just drop a comment and ill get to it as soon as I give a shit.
So its been raining all day, got hair extensions in (my first time and im kinda missing that big old ball of frizz that used to be my hair) and am off to watch The Rachel Zoe Project, see yeah!
Wearing: new Zara shoulder padded blazer which I love love love, Cheap Monday lace top Topshop Leather pants and heels.


Iole said...

love black!

Little Bo Peeep said...

superb! i love your heels and the bowler hat

Anonymous said...

you look flawless, as always

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nadda said...

congrats! love your leather pants 2, black is cool

Champagne said...

I have to say this, you look sexy. Keep up the good work girl. ;)

RG said...

J'A-D-O-R-E (L)