Friday, 11 September 2009

Mimi Mouse gone Bad...real BAD

Before you guys say anything...I've made my decision I ordered the fucking TOPSHOP shoes! Im sorry and I know its insane, havin gotten the opportunity to speak to the buyers at Brown to personally negotiate with Acne to get me a pair of 38 and then canceling pretty shitty. But I was always questioning whether or not i wanted them and if you question something that much it's a clear sign that you really don't need them. Sucks now cuz now i kinda miss them hahaha.
But I love the Topshop shoes I just ordered and im saving allot of money + im going to get my Sam edelman Zoe boots in a couple of weeks so I guess everything worked out pretty well.

Wearing: Jumper+Skirt - H&M and Wedges - Topshop and my new signature look
PS. I should like wear my hair like this more often.


Claire said...

sucks about the acne shoes... if it makes you feel any better, i saw a pair of 38's go on ebay for £140. i'm sure more will spring up. And i just preordered those edelmans off nasty girl too.
9. weeks. cannot. come. fast. enough.

Anonymous said...

lol topshop again! haha but i guess they're pretty hot

Anonymous said...

loving this darling

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Anonymous said...

Bad choice cause there will be a knock off of topshop shoes. But hey you know exactly what you want so if you are happy with your decsion then you have made the right choice. However, I will say that you should not have ordered the third shoe because eventually you will get sick of all the metal studs on it because it is too trendy... I know I have. All in all, enjoy your new shoes while it last.

Toni said...

love those shoes

bisou-joue said...

you look so great ! love those pictures !