Monday, 7 September 2009

Two pleas!!

Not only do i plan on maxing out my credit card and being swarmed in absolute debt, but i intend to enjoying every minute of it. No just Joking, if I had to get one which colour should it be?
Now a dates been set for Sweden( 23 September) and i remember reading somewhere that it would be in the uk on the 18th of September. Not sure but Id wake up early and log onto Topshop if i were you on that day.
Christoper Kane + Topshop
Source:Caroline B


Diamond Skies said...

get black goes with almost everything

Johanna Gelinder said...

answer: Oh, thank you! You are så cute, big huggs! :)

thischicksgotstyle said...

Definately the black ones, they're more sleek :D
As for your question about the chains, they were already on. It's a chain on one side and leather strap on the other so you can wear them as you like. But on Ebay if you type in boot chain you'll find some similar ones!


Nataliexxx said...

Somethings making me lean towards the grey ones - just like black is a mute colour so is grey and the colour is very versitile also (sadly many people forget including myself sometimes) and we end up with far two many black shoes instead of a great diverse multi-tone collection -I'm sadly a victim of this.

I say, if you like many women (and guys actually) have found that you have far two many black shoes why not go for a change???

Happy deciding!!

Claire said...

i have noticed your abundance of black shoes... but why mess with poifection? (get the black. get the black). And sell me all your old ones :)

Champagne said...

I don't own of pair of Grey shoes at all, I should, grey isn't that bad a color....also how come in Sweden its coming out on my birthday, but not in the U.S.? I want fair.