Saturday, 12 September 2009

A girl that appreciates absolute serene moments in her life she wishes for nothing less than a little space. Often mistaken for Stuck up, bitchy or rude or even socially awkward, she just wants people to know that she's happy just were she is and dosent need to verify her existence by saying a word. Often expressed through her apparel she's never sure of who she is but knows that she'll never let herself become, Easily defined. For Names labels and social classes just limits you and puts you in your place.
Right now I'd like to take a long walk in the woods when the suns just about go, left with nature listening to the serene music of Metallica.
Have a nice weekend im off!!


ANYA pixxx said...

oh sounds nice!

love the pictures

ANYA pixx said...

thanku so much, thats very sweet of you!

i dont know about norwegian dudes, but i understand swedish.
svenska er jätte fint!

ANYA pixx said...

ps. din blogg er vacker!
jeg følger med hver dag