Friday, 11 September 2009

...would she stop advertising TOPSHOP already

........oh god oh god, im stuck i want them so bad but cant afford....ANYTHING at the moment cuz Ive spent way to much money, but im not used to not being able to get what i want...I know that sounds bad but i really really want them!!!!
Update. Alright so the Acne Wedges are like £330 and Ive been like hmm on those shoes for a long time and im a huge impulse buyer, so i can say that im not super into them but at the same time id kick my self in the ass for not getting them. If i were to give them up id buy shoe number 1 and 3 and still save like £110. So Quality over Quantity? Or well there both pretty good but what would you guys do?


Champagne said...

Since you would be saving 110, maybe it would be smart to get #1 and #3 and hope that you can find the Ance boots on Ebay for much less.

Lea said...

The Acne shoes wont be made again. Once they are out of stock, they wont come again (I've read that Acne wont reproduce them, just because they are popular). They are almost sold out here in Denmark now, and it's the same in Sweden - and not many pairs have been made of these. I think that the Topshop option would definitely be the best choice for your wallet, but I don't think the shoes from Topshop are interesting at all.

Btw, as a response to "Champagne" I highly doubt that the Acne's will end up on Ebay, and if they do - they will be higly overpriced.

I would go with the Acne's, but you don't seem that into them?
So maybe 2 pairs for less would be better for you :)

Jacquie said...

i agree with Lea. The topshop boot shoe thingys are so of the moment (studs, straps bondage effect etc) and as much as i love topshop, there is a huge chance that they shall produce something similar soon. just think of how many things you've lusted over in topshop and then you get over within a month.

if you really loved those topshop heels, you would have bought them already. the acne heels are more versatile too; smarten it up with a blazer and smart trousers for a job interview, wear with a sexy dress for a girls night out or pair with jeans for a casual day outfit.

spend £300 on shoes that you'll wear for years and will be a talking point. if you end up hating them, you could sell them on eBay and get money back... have i convinced you????

to conclude - buy the acne heels! quality over quantity!!!!

(love your blog btw, i have been reading for a while now and this is the first time i have commented!)

Emilie said...

Love the shoes with studs!

Anonymous said...

glad we love the same things gorgeous darling!
love your blog, as always

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puenktchen said...

i'm so in love with the acne boots.

Anonymous said...

don't get anything! the wedges aren't worth it. they're just lace-ups with a bit of metal. ridiculous! you are spending a lotta money!

nadda said...

kinda smart, yeah.
oh topshop. btw: what do you really do? school or job? and what kind of jobb/school?

Annabelle (408) said...

top left please :) x